Monthly Archives: February 2012

Willy Wonka Porka

Introducing our new sausage for your delectation “The Willy Wonka Porka” a pork based sausage with lindt 80% chocolate, fresh ginger, red chillies and fused with ginger beer, go on give em a try! there choccy tastic!! Minced lamb, diced lamb, diced beef and minced beef now have a 100g option so you can […]

For all you Sexy Valentine Carnivores!

Come on all you Sexy Valentine carnivores! Dont be dissapointed on valentines evening eating out with an inferior steak and price lashed to boot!! Try one of our fabulous ones, there is lots to choose from, Fillet, rump, sirloin, bistro rump, lovers premium rump, we even have a lovers lamb or pork valentine steak. […]

For all you sexy carnivores! X

Come on you sexy carnivores, For Valentines day we have some new products for you, Lovers Lamb valentine steaks, Lovers pork Valentine steaks and also lovers premium rump steaks. Premium Lovers rump steaks are on offer saving 10% off the normal shop cost between Monday 6th February and Tuesday 14 February, enter this code [ […]