Tasty Tasty!!!!

Have you tried our new low salt lamb kofta kebabs yet? Tasty, fast and easy to cook, grill in minutes or bake in the oven, in a pitta bread with a nice greek salad and baked potato!!! www.pjhowarthbutcher.com

Ready to cook Chorizo style meatballs? another great, fast meal in the oven 45mins bob on some pasta jump in the shower and there ready to GO!! www.pjhowarthbutcher.com

Ready to cook Beef Stroganoff? 45 mins at 180 or gas 4/5 and your done, we have some nice Jersey Royal potatoes to go with this!! www.pjhowarthbutcher.com

Or what about some of our Famous Award winning sausages? all varieties are low in fat, healthy and very tasty!! www.pjhowarthbutcher.com

We have switched to English new seasons Spring lamb now, with fantastic low prices, price check on your phone when you are in the supermarket, we are Tops!!! www.pjhowarthbutcher.com

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lamb Kofta
cooked lamb kofta