Dream trio of winter dishes rolled into one

650g of ox tail, 500g shin beef and 1/2 cow heel

this will feed approx. 4 people.


Down to the nitty gritty,  You need a cast pot or equivalent with a tight fitting lid


Ox tail

Couple of rings of shin of beef

1/2 cow heel

1 knorr beef stock cube

1 oxo cube

A good dusting of Bisto original powder A small amount of corn flour A pinch of mixed herbs or a couple of bay leaves A pinch of pepper ( I like white) Cover with water


Now then,you will need to

Cook for about 5 hours at approx 160-70 or gas 4 Checking through out to make sure it doesn’t dry out, if so add water.


When cooked

Leave to cool, any fat will rise and can be skimmed


Now, here’s why you need to be organised with that extra day


you will need to patient, I know it smells Devine and you want to dive straight in but trust me leave it until the next day as it will lob and is utterly outstanding


Please give this a go

If you haven’t tried this you have not lived