National butchers week 2017



13th – 19th March sees the start of National butcher week, help us celebrate this special week by taking the time to shop with your local butcher.

as I’m probably sure your aware butchers shops are declining throughout the country with only the most imaginative and hard working surviving in a climate of convenient supermarket shopping and restaurants.

In order for this noble trade to continue its necessary that customers recognise this and use there local butcher as once we have gone we will not return, special skills lost and splendid recipes gone forever.

This will be great loss for local  communities who will then have only the mass produced produce that the large multiples pump out, I have never seen any pork pies that even resemble ours in any supermarket no matter how upmarket, marks and spencer included.

So lets all get behind these bastions of the meat trade and support your local butcher not just at barbeque time or Christmas but all year round.


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