BBC One Show part 2

Tonight 4/12/18 ,

We will air on The One Show, the show is in relation to the article relating to the consumption of red meat and processed meat produce and the proposed new taxes they may attract

it was filmed two weeks ago at our shop, I was interviewed and asked my opinion on the subject of which I believe I gave a balanced view, I hope you all watch this interesting article that was brought to the fore front by “a so called expert researcher the one and only Dr Marco Springmann” a thin necked spindly fingered pale face Vegan, with an “obviously unbiased view” on the meat trade!

if left up to him he suggests the government implement a new tax on red meat of 14% on red meat and 79% on processed produce,do you need him to tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat?

Should this happen it would turn what is an already expensive product into something only the more privileged may be able to afford, also making our business quite untenable,  this is something I find abhorrent!

Red meat is a staple of a healthy diet, along with vegetables, fruit nuts pulses and fish of which I recommend in moderate levels.

So if you wish to be a vegetarian, then that’s fine, if you wish to be a vegan that’s fine too, but let me tell you what the red meat eating community don’t like and don’t do is poke our noses into vegetarian/vegan business, ill tell you why,  because quite frankly we don’t care what your doing and would like to be afforded the same consideration!

I’ve not noted any meat eaters jumping around making fools of their selves out side any vegan restaurants on you tube, I wonder why?

And Finally, whilst on this subject

When was the last time you saw a vegan win Master chef?

or even a happy one for that matter? always whinging about something, if your a vegan and offended by this, I can say with my hand on my heart, tuff nuts! its steak for me tonight!


Power to the pork chop!