Web Site is now restricted

Dear Customers,

as we are only a small concern, have a certain amount of space and man power, there is a limit to what is possible for us to do at Christmas, so with this our web site has now been partially restricted to certain Christmas products, you can still order poultry and joints until Saturday 8th December 2018, after this there will be further restrictions on the remaining products.

order at www.pjhowarthbutcher.com for the larger items and pick your other ancillary items up when you collect your turkey etc.

This is not to say that we have sold out of produce such as pigs in blankets, sausages, bacon pork sausage meat etc, it just means we cant make any more orders up but the produce will be available for sale on the day in the shop

Pork Pies, we will not take any orders for these at Christmas simply because we don’t have the time or resources to put aside then find them for you when you arrive, we will be baking flat out and god willing everyone will get what they want, you just may have to wait a little.

once again thanks for your patience, rest assured ill do all I can to make everyone’s dinner a belter