Christmas ordering

We are now taking 2020 Christmas orders.

This year will be quite unique as we have never had to cope with this type of situation before, i’m anticipating that this will make things a little uncertain so my advice to everyone is to be very organised and order as early as possible otherwise you may be faced with disappointment as we are extremely busy.

We are a small firm with 6 staff, so I’m sure most will understand we can only do so much, I’m saying this because I know come Christmas, with the current movement restrictions & self isolating that we will have a a delivery demand placed upon us that we will not be able to fulfil, we will be able to deal with the orders placed for collection, however please understand that there will be lengthy queues and everone will need to be patient, we will get through as fast as we can.

To discourage delivery we are going to have to place a charge of £50.00 to any customer that selects delivery between 21st & 24th December 2020.

This is for no other reason other than we do not have the man power or time to perform this service, I’m sorry that some of you may feel let down by this but I’m just being honest and letting everyone know in advance.

Assuring you all of our best attention at all times

Jon and all the boys

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