We have surveyed 1,500 UK adults about meat buying at Christmas and here are just some of the findings:

51% of the nation tend to get all their meat from the supermarket at Christmas
77% of those who do not use local butchers say it’s ‘easier’ to get everything from a supermarket
Amongst those who shop for/prepare and cook Christmas dinner, 74% experience some degree of stress. One in twenty say it is ‘very stressful’
Christmas dinner disasters are far from rare in UK households – a quarter of us have first-hand experience of something going badly wrong on the 25th December
3.5% say they’ve bought the wrong size bird and a further 3% have left it too late and the shops had run out of turkeys
Despite these frequent disasters, an overwhelming 95% of the nation have NEVER asked for expert advice about cooking Christmas dinner
The average UK household will be spending £48.90 on meat this Christmas
One in ten households will spend more than £100 on meat this Christmas
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