Eggs, Bacon, Gammon etc

Local Dry Cured Bacon
We use the same free range pork for our own variety of homecured “FLIXTON” Bacon so called because its made at our shop, this tends to be middle bacon and has a nice white edge of creamy fat that keeps your bacon moist while cooking or crisps up for a rare delight!

Acceptable Weight Variation
When you place your order, it will be for a nominal weight of produce, at a specified price. We will collect the payment via the payment method you select when placing the order. Because orders are individually prepared, it can be expected that there may be some small variation in weights above or below the weight you choose, and it is impractical for us to request additional payments or process small refunds. We will ensure that this variation never exceeds more or less than 10% of any item specified. Items delivered within 10% of the weight ordered shall be deemed complete.

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