All lamb is Locally produced and reared

We use only female lambs and they are usually the Texel variety know for its great meat yield and eating qualities, these are hand picked for us from farms in Shropshire and sometimes Wales! there a miriad of differents cuts used for different occasions all you have to do is choose the one best suited for you!

The way to convert kilo’s into lb’s or vice versa is made simple by multiplying or dividing by 2.205.

1 kilo x by 2.205 = 2.2lb enough for 4 – 6people
670g x 2.205 = 1.5lb enough for 3 – 4 people
500g x 2.205 = 1.1lb enough for 2 – 3 people

it is exactly the same to convert lb’s into kilo’s but divide instead of multiply.

Acceptable Weight Variation
When you place your order, it will be for a nominal weight of produce, at a specified price. We will collect the payment via the payment method you select when placing the order. Because orders are individually prepared, it can be expected that there may be some small variation in weights above or below the weight you choose, and it is impractical for us to request additional payments or process small refunds. We will ensure that this variation never exceeds more or less than 10% of any item specified. Items delivered within 10% of the weight ordered shall be deemed complete.

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