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cooked goose

Free range goose

Our free range geese are from Edward Wilkinson in York, these are free range grass fed birds, free to roam and forage, this in turn imparts a happy and flavorsome goose.

All you have to do is choose your size of your free range goose, while they may seem quite large the meat yield from a goose or duck is quite small compared to their size so a medium bird will feed 4 people plus, a large one will feed maybe 6 people plus

Free range goose cooking instructions:

Prick the skin all over, underneath the wings, pre heat your oven to 200 degrees or gas 5 and cook for the first 30 minutes then reduce to 180 degrees or gas 4 and for a 4-5kg bird it will take approx 3 hours, for a 5 -6kg bird it will take approx 3.5 hours. allways prick the deepest part of the bird and make sure the juices are flowing clear. this is only a guide no guarantees should be assumed or are implied.

alternatively here is a link to Delia Smiths rather nice cooking instruction for free range goose

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